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First Fair in Turkey in Inegöl | FURNTR
First Fair in Turkey in Inegöl

Furnishers are Looking forward to the Fair
Expansive to the world; within coronavirus measures, while trade is coming to a halt, furniture makers are looking forward to the opening of the fair to increase sales in the sector. 
MOSFED President Ahmet Güleç, If doesn't matter there is no problems,  first exhibition in Turkey, stating that it will be Inegol Furniture Fair, He gave the good news. 

İnegöl Mayor Alper Taban, live on a private television show he participated in, MODEF Furniture Fair He said it would be held between 6-11 July.

We applied, we are waiting for an answer
On the other hand, Yavuz Uğurdağ, President of İnegöl Chamber of Commerce and Industry and President of MODEF, stated that the fair was an important commercial event for the furniture shopkeepers. It is not certain whether the fair will take place on 6-11 July. We have applied for this subject, but we are waiting for an answer. 

Revival happens
İnegöl Furniture Chamber President Özcan Ayhan said, “Of course we would like to have the fair. Our fairs are very important for İnegöl trade. When there were no expected sales in the stores, we were looking forward to opening the fairs. If there is an exhibition in July, there will be a revival in the sector. ”
First fair, in İnegöl
Furniture Associations Federation (MOSFED) President Ahmet GÜLEÇ
the first exhibition in Turkey, if there is no obstacle; stating that it will be the Inegol fair, he gave the good news.

"Our industry in Turkey's manufacturing and exports, signed the success story. We sell at 200 points of the world.  It has become an example by increasing exports by 20 times. About the continuation of this story we have to start a new beginning. Because there is a pandemic event. We witnessed major trade wars. As Turkey 3.5 billion $ in our exports. We take a 1.4 percent share from the world's furniture cake. Furniture industry, herself developed in branding, manufacturing, design. We became the most talked about country after China. ”

Furniture Sales Fell 50 Percent
Stating that there was a 15 percent decrease in March, 50 percent in April and a decrease in furniture sales same way in May, Güleç said, “The coronavirus affected everyone. We must not upset our spirits. We also saw how important furniture is. People are starting to spend more time now. We will witness new life stories. ”

Virtual Fairs
Stating that the art trade and fair period has started, Güleç said, “We need to give importance to virtual trade and fairs. The circular was published. Our minister explained. Within this framework, in order to encourage our companies to e-export, membership expenses for e-commerce sites will be supported by 80 percent for 2020 and 60 percent in the following years. The costs to be made by the roof organizations representing our business world for virtual trade delegations and participation in virtual fairs and the expenses of virtual fair organizations will be supported by 50 percent. It will provide support. We will take place as the furniture industry in the world's commercial sites. Virtual fair support came to the chambers and associations. We will now be able to hold fairs in the places where we are now going far. We need to support the culture of cooperation to the end. Now we must continue in cooperation with our neighbor. The market is big. There's enough for everyone. We are very advantageous compared to developed countries. In the new order, we are more active than them. We use the latest technologies. ” 

First fair , in Inegöl
Until September of the virtual fairs, standard fairs, exhibitions; stating they would do;  "July 6 to 11 at if there is no obstacle, Turkey's first exhibition will take place in Inegol. Our Istanbul Fair will be held in January. ” 28 May 2020

News Author : Çetin KAYA

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