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Every year more than 15 million people are shopping furniture online. | FURNTR
Every year more than 15 million people are shopping furniture online.

The generation who says “ I don’t buy without looking” is diseppearing. More than 15 million people are shopping  per annum furniture  online. This accelaration  d by the digital transformation in the furniture sector is expected to continue to increase in the world.

The furniture sector, like all sectors, is rapidly digitalised.

The generation who says “ I don’t buy without looking and measuring  is giving place to generation that shops furniture from smart phones. Trend Mobilya who analyze  report the role of digital in the purchase of furniture prepared by Google evaluated digitalizing consumer behavior in the furniture sector. Searchs for product groups such as shopping list for home decorations increased over 150 percent in the last 2 years. The volume of searches for consumers like what should be bought for the bedroom, what should buy for the specific products has increased by more than %50 in the last 2 years.

İn %49 of internet searches for furniture shopping  do not have a brand name. The rate of unbranded furniture buyed over the internet has reached %50.

Online consumer is being persuaded more easy. The same day furniture purchase rate is %53. Trend Mobilya's data examining new generation consumer behavior  shows that consumers who make furniture shopping online make a decision to buy faster than the shoppers who buy from the store. Online furniture shopping, which is the reason for preference, users search for an average of 14.2 times not only with the convenience of product purchase, but also with detailed research facilities such as price comparison, brand search and viewing consumer experiences. %63 of these internet searchs bear fruit within a week and the number of consumers who make decision on the same day reached %53.




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