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Elmadağ Furniture Organized Industrial Zone was established. | FURNTR
Elmadağ Furniture Organized Industrial Zone was established.

Elmadağ  Furniture  Organized Industrial Zone was established. The furniture of Siteler raises its target with Organisation Industrial Zone.

Furniture brand,Siteler,which is known for its solidity and quality throughout the world for many years, is now gaining the status of Organized  Industrial  Zone and wide physical structure. Siteler which contribute  significantly  to the employment and export of the country with the production of furniture products with high value added are known globally with their handicrafts.

Chamber of furniture Ankara Lakeciler wanted to move Siteler to the status of organized industrial zone, but due to its physical structure, it was not legally possible. For this reason, the choice of place was realised in religion Elmadağ  by the work started in 2015 and In October 2017, Elmadağ Furniture Organized Industrial Zone became the 12th OSB of Ankara with the approval of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and  became official with its 333 registry number. Elmadağ  Furniture  OSB will consist only of furniture and complementary sectors. OSB  with 116 hectares is on the route of 43 provinces along with Samsun Road. When it is completed, it is planned that makers of furniture OSB, which is thought to provide more than 100 factories and around 20.000 jobs, will be operational in 2021.

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