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Billet bed was produced and sold for automobile price. | FURNTR
Billet bed was produced and sold for automobile price.

A furniture company from İnegöl is inspired by the "billet houses" and designed beds made of 14 or 20 centimeters diameter round pine logs, exhibited for the first time in Bursa Furniture and Decoration Fair attracted visitors from the visitors.

A special design product, which the company has patented, was sold to Oman for 35 thousand liras.

Turkey's most important, one of the furniture production centers and operating in Inegol Furnily furniture firm chairman Ahmet Akay mentioned that they have produced economic bedroom sets since 1988, but also said that they haven’t seen interest at the level they want, yet.

In order to give weight to the design, even taking the risk of stopping production for a while voicing Akay, "At least 7 months I stopped all production, I stopped everything. I said, “We have to do something pleasing to the eye.” I saw the log houses while browsing the Internet. While thinking, “How do we use the design of log houses?”and 'Why not do this on the base?' I said. Bed base is also a product of furniture. After that moment, I have always thought about new designs. I've worked for about 6 months to do this, "he said.

"Patent also belongs to us"

Akay, who first exhibited the billet beds at the Furniture and Decoration Fair in Bursa, said that he sent an e-mail to the consultant and secretary of the Minister of Public Works of Oman, whom he had met before, about a special design consisting of 20 centimeters diameter logs.

Receiving a positive feedback from Oman Akay said; "I’ve just showed my product, sent an e-mail and he said 'Why not.' He was really attracted and told me that they give us the patent. Akay also mention that according to the size and size of the used pine billets 25-35 thousand liras would be the bed prices but in order to reach more people, the range of the price has been lowered to 10 thousand to 15 thousand liras.

Ahmet Akay added the length of the billet beds is 2.1 meters, the width of 1.6 meters. However, according to the demand they can enlarge the size up to 2.5 meters.

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