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A committee will be established to revive Siteler. | FURNTR
A committee will be established to revive Siteler.

A committee will be established to revive Siteler.

It was decided to establish a committee by Ankara's Chamber of Commerce(ATO) and Ankara's Industrial Chamber(ASO) to revive Siteler which is one of the important centers of furniture production.Emrullah İşler,Deputy of Ankara from Ak Party,offered a solution to ASO and ATO who work to re-activate Siteler. ATO and ASO decided to a committee together about to work for Siteler. The meeting of ATO and ASO Furniture Committees was held at ASO.


Nurettin Özdebir, the President of ASO, who said that Ankara lost blood in this area because Siteler could not experience the change required by the era, pointed out that there are other places to move businesses in Siteler but no one has gone.He said  “because the market is here,we need to look for the solution in this region.” As far as I know, Mamak Combat School is being evacuated. There is also a free space between the school and Siteler. If a part of this region is given and we set up new Siteler here, we would have done a good service to Ankara. There may be exhibition halls within the structures to be built in the old area as well. Özdebir said that when Elmadağ Furniture Specialized Organized industrial Zone is built, some companies who want to grow there, may also evaluate to this area.,


Baran who pointed out that the human factor should be considered when looking for solutions in Siteler, cited the example of the Hamamonu project signed by Veysel Tiryaki, the Mayor of Altındağ.He said  “ If two thousand people are brought together and the of heart is formed, ıt can come a long way.” Either you need to receive their approval and set to work or you need to take risks as President Veysel.If left as it is,it disappears. Baran stated that Özdebir’s proposal on the field of Mamak Combat School can be evaluated and if compromise is reached, it can be worked together with TOKİ.


Isler who emphasıse that Siteler will vanish completely if the change is not achieved, said that ATO and ASO have a great responsibility in this regard. As a committee, we need to consider how to revive Siteler with all its natives and present it to our President. No one take on responsibility  where there are 2722 structures.He said that we need to work hardly,Otherwise Siteler will vanish




News Author : Erbay ŞAHİN

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