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Furniture Dictionary | FURNTR

Furniture Dictionary | FURNTR

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Letter Word Content
A Acoustic panelling Panel with special acoustic properties with outside aesthetic treatment.
A Additional bed Pull-out bed, used in accommodation facilities.
A All-upholstered furniture Upholstery furniture without visible framework.
A American door Hinged door that folds underneath cabinet.
A Aquarium stand, base Table or cabinet with solid construction resistant against a higher static load and effects of moisture.
A Armchair Chair with side structures to support the arms or elbows, upholstered or not.
A Armrest A sidewall generally as part of the armchair or the davenport.
A Assembly element Part or subassembly applicable to assembly.
A Auxilliary table Low table with smaller dimensions for snacks or miscellaneous small items.
B Back Back part of a carcase which facilitates fixing and encloses carcase
B Backrest Vertical chair back support.
B Bar chair Chair on the raised base meet the demands of high strength, stiffness and stability
B Bar counter Higher drinking desk with enhanced surface
B Bar stool Stool on the raised base meet the demands of high strength, stiffness and stability
B Barrier Board or frame with slats to prevent falling from bed.
B Bathroom furniture Furniture placed in a bathroom, usually to store or hang linens or other bath essentials.
B Bathroom furniture? Furniture for bathroom specific to personal hygiene.
B Bed Upholstered furniture and mattresses , usually with one or two faces, designed for relaxing or sleeping
B Bed-head Front or rear vertical board of bed.
B Bedroom furniture Furniture for sleeping and relaxing.
B Bedside table Table or cabinet situated adjacent to the head of bed for storage of miscellaneous items.
B Bentwood? Wood that has been steamed and bent into curvilinear shape.
B Bentwood furniture Furniture constructed with wood that has been steamed and bent into curvilinear shape.
B Black treatment? Metal components without finished surface.
B Blanket chest Furniture with air permability of interior environment for storage of blankets.
B Bone furniture? Furniture made of bones or furniture inlaid with bones or ivory.
B Bookcase Opened or closed furniture for the storing of books.
B Bottom Lower horizontal part of the carcase.
B Box, case Inferior furniture without socle closed by a cover with a storage function.
B Breakfest counter furniture filling specific feeding function, mostly for having breakfast or snack
B Buffet? A small cupboard or sideboard used to store dining implements.
B Buffet table Table in restaurants, which facilitates self-service meal preparation by diners.
B Built-in cabinet Cabinet that is incorporated into the fabric of the building.
B Built-in furniture Furniture that is fixed to and incorporated into the fabric of the building.
B Bunk bed? Two beds that are joined together so that one is placed above the other.
C Cabinet Enclosed storage space with hinged or louvre door(s).
C Cabinet with doors and shelves Furniture closed by doors, designed for storing things , usually equipped with shelves and storage systems
C Canap?;Settee with padded back and eat open arms and a decorated frame.
C Cane furniture Furniture made from cane reed stems or split rattan.
C Cemetery furniture Furniture for funeral hall, cemetery.
C Central line Carring board in the middle of double bed.
C Chair A piece of furniture made for a person to comfortably sit on. Usually consisting of a seat , legs , back and arms.
C Chaise-lounge An upholstered chair with an elongated seat for reclining.
C Changing table Counter for changing the baby usually added storage furniture
C Chest Furniture with legs against moisture and animals with hinged lid used to store items.
C Chest of drawers Cabinet for storing clothes, usually equipped with several deep drawers.
C Children?s furniture Furniture intended to be used primarily by children.
C Children?s furniture for pre-school age children Children?s furniture for pre-school age children, furniture for children until the age of 6 years.
C Children?s furniture for school age children Children?s furniture for school age children, especially in the age from 6 to 16 years.
C Clapboard Interior casing over covering joint of two doors.
C Clipping Connecting furniture components by clips.
C Clothes-tree/ clothes rack Free-standing vertical product made of metal, wood or other material, used for hanging clothes
C Cocktail table? Free-standing vertical product made of metal, wood or other material, used for hanging clothes
C Coffee table Low table for snacks, drinks or miscellaneous small items.
C Colonial furniture A style of furniture of colonist in oversea countries based on European styles that were modified for local tastes.
C Commode A low chest of drawers and/or doors or a cabinet on legs which usually stands against a wall.
C Complementary furniture Furniture that is designed to complement or match a particular exterior or interior space.
C Console table A table that is fixed to a wall and supported by one or carved legs .also any table meant to be placed against a wall.
C Cork furniture? Furniture made of cork or of materials with a predominant proportion of cork.
C Cornice Hanged additional subject for porterage or drawing of curtains and drapes.
C Cot? lying furniture for infants and young children, usually with variable height lying areas and barriers
C Cover of mattress Removable and cleanable component of the mattress which enhances comfort.
C Cradle Furniture with possibility to swing for babies.
C Cross wall Internal solid component dividing a carcase.
C Cup Upholstery part of armrest.
C Cupboard, sideboard? Open or closed piece of furniture for storage of dining related items.
D Day bed Bed with light construction without bed heads, can also serve as a bed.
D Decorative furniture Decoration and ornamentation of furniture predominantly referring to period furniture.
D Demountable furniture Furniture designed so that it can be disassembled and reassembled either in part or in its entirety.
D Documentation Necessary documentation for the realization of the production and the using of the furniture.
D Door Component (usually hinged) closing the carcase on its front side.
D Double seat Sitting furniture for two persons with a seat back and armrests where necessary.
D Dressing table Table (usually containing drawers) with mirror especially designed for people applying cosmestics.
E Emissions characteristics Emissions of volatile organic compounds from materials during their production and especially by the product into indoor air.
E English drawer Inner drawer with dropped front face.
E Entryway furniture? Any furniture found in the entryway of a home, upon entering the front door, may include benches, coat racks, umbrella stands or rugs.
E Ergonomic characteristics Relations between furniture and humans- functional interaction from the point of somatic needs and human requirements.
E Examination couch Bed special health and hygiene functions designed to investigate of patients and allowing a repeated desinfection
E Exotic furniture Regional furniture with folklore markets from far countries.
E Exterior Exterior space usually unprotected against weather.
F File cabinet furniture for storage of files
F Fixed pillow Pillow is combined within construction of the product.
F Flower stand Table with the higher resistant against staining from pot plants or cut flowers.
F Folding armchair Collapsible armchair with loose upholstery for ease of transportation.
F Folding bed? Collapsible bed, designed for ease of transportation.
F Folding table, extension table? Collapsible table, with possibility to increase surface size.
F Foot Vertical oriented part with a support function.
F Foot scotch Foot rest placed under a working table to create the optimum sitting position.
F Footrest Leg-rest that is a part of the product.
F Frame The structural skeleton of an un-upholstered item of furniture.
F Front surface All of outer exposed surfaces, only the front surfaces of doors and drawers at wardrobe furniture.
F Furniture durability The ability for furniture to withstand wear and tear without lose of its aesthetics and functionality.
F Furniture element? Basic component of furniture that does not itself have component parts.
F Furniture fittings Auxilliary furniture components which enhance the funcitionality of furniture.
F Furniture for adults? Furniture for the adult population.
F Furniture for ballrooms Furniture for cultural centre, ceremonial hall, theatres, movie houses and dance halls.
F Furniture for dinning room Furniture for dining and sitting rooms.
F Furniture for entrance hall Furniture for entrance part of appartments and for areas of the appartment inside entrance door.
F Furniture for food? Furniture designed for the storing or sale of food with specific hygienic requests.
F Furniture for halls and waiting rooms Furnishings of terminal buildings and waiting rooms of public spaces.
F Furniture for hobbies Furniture designed for individual interests of family members.
F Furniture for hospitals? Furniture for hospitals, sanatorium and similar health care facilities.
F Furniture for hotels? Furniture designed for accommodation facilities - hotels, guesthouses and similar facilities.
F Furniture for indoor Furniture for indoor, for rest, for activities and for storing.
F Furniture for juniors Furniture for juniors, especially In the age from 16 to 21 years.
F Furniture for kitchen Furniture used for preparing and serving food.
F Furniture for public space Furniture designed for public - civic buildings, including the public close interior.
F Furniture for restaurants? Furniture, equipment, space for catering, canteens of institutions, wine bars, taps, etc..
F Furniture for seniors Furniture for elders citizens especially with mobility difficulties.
F Furniture for swimming pools and saunas Washable furniture with increased resistance to water and water vapour designed for relaxation and sauna.
F Furniture for verandas, porches furniture Furniture placed outside in verandas, porches and on patios and so on.
F Furniture lazuring Coloured transparent surface finishing of furniture.
F Furniture lifetime Summary of characteristics and properties, which limit the time in which furniture fulfilsl the purpose for which it was created.
F Furniture made from textile fibres? Furniture made of textile materials, ropes, or materials made up predominantly of textile.
F Furniture market Furniture determinate for foreign marketplace.
F Furniture model Scaled mock up of a piece of furniture used to determine asthetic qualities of a piece of furniture.
F Furniture packaging? Material and systems used to protect furniture from damage during transportation or storage.
F Furniture plagiarism Imitation of period furniture or the author's original without the complying with copyright laws or stylinic purity.
F Furniture polishing Completion of surface by polishing and re-applying shellac and nitrocellulose lacquers.
F Furniture production certification A certificate issued by an authorized or accredited person that the relevant characteristics of the production system are in accordance with technical requirements for products, standard or other technical regulation.
F Furniture properties A collection of the characteristics, abilities and functions of a piece of furniture allowing informed decisions to be made about its suitability in particular applications.
F Furniture prototype Furniture made in 1:1 scale to verify the key characters, as well as for public presentation.
F Furniture replica A copy of a piece of period furniture complying with copyright laws and the stylinic purity of the original product.
F Furniture resistance? Ability of furniture to withstand forces and stresses imposed upon it.
F Furniture set-up Assemblage of furniture units into functional whole, often realized like a collection.
F Furniture stability? Ability of a piece of furniture to resist the forces that may cause it to sway, buckle, distort of collapse during use.
F Futon Thin mattress of tufted cotton batting or similar materials, placed on a floor or on a raised, folddable frame filled by textile flakes.
G Gaming table? Tables used for entertainment and in the playing of games.
G Garden furniture Furniture designed for outdoor use such as gardens, orchards, etc.. Often found in public areas.
G Gerontological furniture Furniture for the seniors with limmited motion and physiological capacity.
G Glass furniture? Furniture made of glass, glass based materials or materials in which the predominant construction material is glass.
G Glueing Connection of components by adhesive.
G Grouting Additional cementation of adjoining components by adhesive.
H Hanging shelf Reinforced shelf by brackets, rear wall, strung on thorns, hanging on the wire, fittings , etc
H Head rest Component of a piece of furniture offering support to the head.
H Hidden surface Surfaces which aren?t visible during common use.
H Highchair? Chairs for toddlers and children, which meets the requirements of high stability and safety
H Hinged door Doors opened around the horizontal axis nose up.
H Historical furniture Period furniture. Also a common term for furniture of previous generations.
H Hobby-table Furniture with table desk or inner space adapted for leisure activities.
H Horizontal partition A solid component horizontally dividing the carcase.
H Hospital bed? Bed with flame retardant for hotel rooms for rapid exchange of coatings and bedding
H Hospital bed table Furniture designed to be used in domestic applications.
H Hotel bed? Bed with flame retardant for hotel rooms for rapid exchange of coatings and bedding
H Household furniture Furniture designed to be used in domestic applications.
H Hygienic charakteristics Summary of the way in which a product or material impacts upon the internal environment of residential buildings and rooms, specifically upon the health of the user.
I Increasing chair Height- adjustable chairs from the viw od development , growth stages of children
I Inner drawer Drawer visible after opening or removing an element of the furniture such as a door.
I Inner partition Vertical or horizontal component that seperates the internal structure into two or more areas.
I Inner rack Adjustable part for higher of inner space of corpus.
I Inner surface Surfaces that are visible after the manipulation of moving elements of product.
I Interior project The process of creating a solution to an interior design project or problem by satisfying all safety, functional and client requirements to a suitable standard.
K Kitchen bench A form of seating furniture used during dining.
K Kitchen cabinet Multifunctional smaller storage furniture in the kitchen, standing alone or in a group,designed for storing crockery , kitchen equipment needed to prepare meals and for storing of food.
K Kitchen table? Table used in domestic kitchens for storage, eating meals and as a focal point for communication and gatherings.
K Kitchen worktop The surface used to perform repetitive work activities related to the preparation of meals and other kitchen works
L Laboratory furniture Furniture used in a laboratory for the storage and use of laboratory equipment.
L Lamella grate Flexible grate formed by wooden slats.
L Laminated element Larger component made by gluing several smaller components together.
L Lattice grate? Flexible grate formed by wooden rods.
L Library furniture Furniture for libraries, depositaries and special determinations.
L Loft bed A high bed supported underneath by storage, shelving or drawers.
L Lying surface Horizontal surface used for long or short term resting in the lying position.
M Machine table Table-like frame used to house and support a piece of machinery while it is in use. Must be capable of resisting all loads and forces applied during use.
M Magnetic board Board made from metal plate for fixing information by magnet , generally modified for writing.
M Mark of quality Mark, which confirms that the relevant features and their main useful parameters are verified by the independent instruction.
M Materials charakteristics Defining properties of materials which describe the manner in which materials will react to and behave in under various conditions. Often used to qualify materials for use in various pieces of furniture in terms of both function and form.
M Mattress A large rectangular pad used for supporting a person's body comfortably while they sleep. A mattress is often combined with a bed frame and a box-spring although it may be used by itself. Mattresses may contain coil springs, foam rubber or air chambe
M MDF Medium density fiberboard, a type of hardboard that is made from wood fibers glued under heat and pressure.
M Memory foam mattress? A memory foam mattress is distinguished from a regular inner-coll mattresses in the way that it is made. Memory foam mattreses are made only with memory foam-polyurethane which moulds to the shape of the body and offers uniform support across it.
M Metal coating Applying a thin metal coating to a component by chromazing, niceling, gilding and other.
M Metal furniture? Furniture made of metal or a material made up predominantly of metal.
M Military furniture? Furniture specially designed for army use and rescue teams.
M Miniature furniture Furniture in miniaturized ratio destined for collectors, museums, schools and children.
M Moudling Decorative component formed from wood, plaster or other materials used to cover or disguise transitions between two components or surfaces.
M Mouted-board Furniture board fixed by the surface on the wall , generally completed by suspension fittings.
N Nailing Connection of components using nails
N Negotiating table Table designed for meeting of a number of sitting persons.
N Niche Small corner or space. Smaller furniture usually without doors filling such a small space.
N Niche shelf Free shelves destined for use in wall niches or walls of interior.
O Oriental furniture General concept for furniture from Near East and Far East.
O Other furniture Furniture for activities of daily living and other unspecified activities of man.
O Ottoman An upholstered couch usually without a back or an overstuffed footstool.
O Outdoor furniture Furniture to be used outside and which is often directly exposed to climatic effects.
O Outer surface Surfaces that are visible during the use of furniture during its normal operation.
P Pad board? Board of seat for the fixing of upholstery.
P Panel Flat board usually fixed in place by some means of framing.
P Pantry cupboard Cabinet for keeping food and coocking ingredients
P Paper furniture? Furniture made of paper, paper tubes, paper honeycomb or where the predominant share of the furniture is made from paper.
P PC table Table on which a PC and its auxiliary equipment may be stored and used.
P Pigmented treatment? Surface finishing of furniture or its components by applying a non-transparent coating.
P Plastic furniture Furniture made from plastic or plastic based materials.
P Plywood Type of manufactured board made by gluing thin layers of veneer together with alternating grain directions.
P Polishing Surface finish, which removes minor inconsistencies in the final coat and increase its gloss.
P Post Part bounding the elements in vertical direction.
P Pre-assembly Assembly or modification of products before the final installation or assembly.
P Prison furniture Furniture for borstals, prisons, detention canters, preliminary detection cells.
Q Qualitative charakteristics A summary of characteristics which has an influence on properties of a quality , a possibility to fill requests coming out from a purpose for that a furniture was determined.
R Rack Storage system often incorporating vertical storage of members/artefacts.
R Radiator cover Cover for heating radiators that allow air circulation from the radiator.
R Range hood Kitchen equipment for vapor and odors
R Ranked seating Ranked seating which are permanently fastened to the floor and/or walls, whether in bench or individual seat form
R Rattan furniture Furniture made from Rattan, Rattan furniture is used inside and outside, Rattan features a slender flexible stem which makes it very easy to craft into furniture items.
R Reception desk Desk used for contact with clients and customers.
R Recliner An upholstered arm chair which can be put into a reclining position with the back lowered and the front (foot rest) raised. Usually includes well-cushioned arms.
R Reclining armchair Armchair with folding seat.
R Reclining chair Chair with folding seat which can be put into a reclining position with the back lowered and the front (foot rest) raised. Usually includes well-cushioned arms.
R Residence room, living room, family room? Rooms of buildings used for resting and entertaining, often furnished with soft furnishings.
R Residental interior? An enclosed indoor space of a appartment house.
R Residential furniture Furniture used in the interior of flats, family houses and interiors of vacancy prosperties.
R Resistance of uphostery Physical and mechanical properties of upholstery. Ability of upholstry to resist forces and loads applied to it during use.
R Resting furniture Furniture used for short or long term resting in a lying or semi-lying position.
R Reuse Using elements of furniture in a new application after their current use has finished.
R Rocker Curved elements of a rocking chair which allows the chair to rock.
R Rocking-chair Chair with two curved bands attached to the bottom legs which gives the chair the capacity to rock backwards and forwards in a rocking motion.
R Rosette Chair with folding seat which can be put into a reclining position with the back lowered and the front (foot rest) raised. Usually includes well-cushioned arms.
R Runner Strip of wood on which drawers slide.
S Safety? The condition of being free from danger or the threat of injury. Furniture and components of furniture must not endanger the users, manufacturers of the environment.
S Sanded foil Foil exidented of sanding before its finishing.
S Screen Spanish wall, curtain with wooden structure fitted with decorative panels, strings or covering
S Screwing Connection of components by means of screws.
S Seating box Usually optically closed set of seating and table furniture designed for social gathering.
S Secretary An enclosed furniture with folding doors for storing documents, jewellery and valuables.
S See-through drawer Drawer with transparent face.
S Settee A long seat or bench with a back and arms
S Shelf with drawer Shelving incorporating a drawer or drawers used to hang on a wall or for the partition or furniture.
S Show-case Chine or curio cabinet with glass door
S Side Outer left and right hand surfaces/elements of the carcase.
S Side Outer vertical part of corpus.
S Side board Carried side board.
S Side surface of element Surface of furniture part that is specificities by thickness and length.
S Side-table, serving table Portable or mobile table used while serving up dishes, drinks.
S Sitting bag Freeform upholstered furniture for casual, informal seating.
S Sitting scotch Scotch determinate for working chairs to order to creation of optimum sitting position.
S Slabbing Gluing slide faces by edge tapes.
S Sliding sheet Sliding-out part of a product generally for increasing surface area.
S Sofa? Seating furniture, usually upholstered, for daily resting of a number of people. Usually with rear backrest and sides.
S Solid wood element Part made from wood or modified wood only.
S Spannteil Upholstery of hidden and unexposed areas.
S Speaker's desk Furniture for the texts usually read while standing with a space for a microphone , lighting and audiovisual technics.
S Special armchair An armchair usually designed and manufactured to perform a specific task. ( For example:dentist's chair)
S Special furniture Furniture designed and manufactured for a specific or special purpose.
S Spot method Connection of materials by spot gluing or welding.
S Spring grate Based of upholstery consists of flexible components.
S Spring skeleton? An elastic component formed by compression springs.
S Stairs Stairs generally in a form of stepped stool or folding for cleaning, for storing or to bed ad so on.
S Stitching Means of connecting or joining upholstery materials.
S Stitching throught? Mutual reinforcement layers of upholstery materials.
S Strap A flat elongated ribbon usually of leather or fabric often used as a suspension element in the furniture industry.
S Strenght of furniture The ability of furniture's structure to resist forces and loading occurring during use.
S Strings Strings of sitting surfaces of furniture made of pedig and other materials.
S Study furniture Furniture used in a home office (or study) often comprising office chairs, writing desks and storage.
S Surgery furniture Furniture used while administrating medical care such as carrying out surgery.
S Swing chair Chair fixed on the rod storage with the posibility of resting change positions.
S Swivel armchair Armchair with a rotating (swivelling) seat.
S Swivel chair Chair with a rotating (swivelling) seat, with or without backrest.
T Table Form of furniture featuring a flat stationary horizontal surface used to support, store or display objects.
T Table for drinks Fixed or mobile table for the stotage of drinks and glasses.
T Throne A dignified, usually upholstered chair with elevated backrest and armrests. Often the official chair or seat upon which a monarch is seated on during cerimonial occasions.
T Tip-up bed Beds constructed to be adjustable in the transverse and longitudinal axes.
T Tip-up door Doors that open by revolving around a horizontal axis.
T Toilet armchair Armchair with an open seat under which a toilet or chamber pot may be placed.
T Top Upper horizontal part of the carcase.
T Traditional (folk) furniture Peasant, rural furniture made only from wood, sometimes called rustic furniture.
T Transparent treatment? Surface finishing of furniture or it's components by using a transparent or clear finish.
T Trestle-table A long narrow table with two uprights joined by single stretcher.
T TV table? Also known as an audiovisual, solid or mobile table for placing a television or other home entertainment equipment upon. Often with storage space.
U Ulphostery furniture Furniture that has been fitted with padding, springs, webbing and fabric or leather coverings.
U Upholstered furniture Furniture that has been fitted with padding, springs, webbing and fabric or leather coverings.
U Upholstered panelling Panelling that has been fitted with padding, springs, webbing and fabric or leather coverings.
U Upholstery element Part of an assembly or component that has been fitted with padding, springs, webbing and fabric or leather coverings.
U Useful properties Characteristics or functions of an artefact that have value or worth from the consumer's point of view.
U Utility room furniture Furniture fitted to or found in a house's utility room which is used for storing items and equipment that tend not to be used on a daily basis for the running of the house.
V Valent stand Stacking equipment for one piece of dresses, consist from swivel clothes hanger, and for tie etc..
V Veneered panelling Panel consisting of a layer of wood of superior value or grain glued to an inferior wooden base.
V Veneered element Component with a thin layer of solid wood (veneer) fixed to the surface.
V Vertical partition A solid component vertically dividing the carcase.
W Wall bars Ladder like gymnastic equipment made from solid wood. Usually rigidly fixed to wall surface.
W Wall board Board finished with a dark matt coating and fixed to a wall surface or on hinges.
W Wall frame board? Frame made from the wood , metal with soft filling equipped by clothes or coating, hanged on the wall.
W Wall hanger Device fixed to a wall surface on which items may be supported (hung).
W Wall-hang component Multifunctional furniture determinated to hanged , fll the purpose itself (its own right) or in the assembly.
W Wall-hanging unit Unit supported entirely by one or more walls of the building
W Wall-mirror A mirror (with or without a frame) which is mounted or secured to a wall surface.
W Wall-rack Storage system fixed to a wall, usually used to store items in a vertical position.
W Wardrobe? A standing closet usually used for the storage of clothing.
W Wardrobe? A standing closet usually used for the storage of clothing.
W Washing-up table Table constructed to be resistant to moisture and which is used for washing of dishes, laboratory glass and other tools and equipment.
W Wing armchair A fully upholstered chair with wings at the sides to protect the sitter from drafts, also known as a wing-back.
W Wooden furniture Furniture made solely from wood or wood-based materials.
W Work chair Usually a mobile, rotating, upholstered chair with adjustable seat and backrest.
W Work table Table designed to withstand increased mechanical loads imposed by work activities.
W Working furniture Furniture used for carrying out both physical and mental work activities.
W Working surface Horizontal surface upon which work activities are performed.
W Workshop furniture Furniture for offices, production areas, workshops, dressing rooms and warehouses.
W Wrapping furniture Furniture finished by wrapping with decoration paper, veneer, metal, etc..
W Writting table? A table for writing or upon which to use a computer. Usually for one person and often equipped with drawers or other storage space.
Z Zip A metal or plastic fastenning device.
Z Zone mattress Mattreess with a number of zones, each differing in stiffness.