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Conventional Timber Drying Oven - FURNTR
Ad Title Conventional Timber Drying Oven
Ad Date 2020-04-25
Price Price USD
Product Status New
Country Turkey
City Ankara
Categories Steaming Chambers and Driers
Name and surname .
Phone Number +90 312 354 78 00
Description These ovens are primarily wood drying ovens. The temperature of wood materials is measured from 14 different points in the furnace by using PT100 temperature meters in accordance with the regulation. At 14 points the temperature is raised to 56 ° C and the wood material is kept at this temperature for 30 minutes. The process is completed by printing the data dump. This process is for raw wood packaging materials obtained from coniferous and non-coniferous trees, which can serve as an ideal medium for the spread of pests that pose a threat to planted trees. These; This includes wooden packaging materials such as pallets, packaging support materials, crates, spools, packaging blocks, loading boards, pallet arms and skids.