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Terms of Use
These Terms of Use are applicable to the use of the Service offered by Please
read these Terms of Use carefully so that you know what the rights and obligations of the
Company you represent are when using the Service. By using the Service or the Websites in
any way whatsoever, you accept, on behalf of the Company, being bound to these Terms of
Use. You hereby warrant that you are fully authorized to enter into this agreement with on behalf of the Company of which you enter the Company Information via the
Clause 1 Definitions
The following terms, indicated with a capital, shall have the following meaning:
Account: a section d by you when you register for the Service containing personal data.
Applicant: the person or business submitting a Notice. the private company with limited liability “2E Software Informatics (2E Yazılım
Bilişim Ltd. Şti)” having its registered office at Ankara and listed at Ankara Chamber of
Commerce under number 420978.
Company: the business – either a legal entity or natural person - entering into an agreement
with by registering on the Websites and entering the Company Information via the
Content: all material placed on the Websites or made accessible via the Service by Company
including, but not limited to, Company information, company events, news, vacancies,
banners, logos, pictures, photos, videos, product information and depictions, articles,
advertisements, comments, blogs, messages, audio-visual material and the announcement of
Database: all aggregated information and Content of the companies that are registered via the
Information: all material placed on the Websites or made accessible via the Service by For the avoidance of doubt, Content is not included in the Information.
IP-Rights: all intellectual property rights and associated rights such as copyrights, trademark
rights, patents, model rights, trade name rights, database rights and neighboring rights as well
as know-how and online performances.
Notice: a complete and correctly filled out form by which alleged illegal Content is reported
to in accordance with the IPR policy.
Password: the password chosen by Company during the creation of the Account.
Service: the service provided to you by via the Websites which is described on the
Websites and in Clause 3 hereof.
User Name: the name chosen by Company during the creation of the Account under which
Company can log in to the Service.
Websites: the portal websites of via which offers the Service,
including all sub domains.
Clause 2 Applicability and Amendment of Terms of Use
2.1 These Terms of Use are applicable to any use of the Service or the Websites by or on
behalf of Company.
2.2 is entitled to amend, or supplement these Terms of Use at any time.
Any amended, d or supplemented Terms of Use can be found on the Websites. If any
modifications to these Terms of Use significantly the Company’s rights or obligations, will notify Company by means of a message on the Websites and via email to the
email address entered upon registration.
2.3 By using the Service or the Websites after these Terms of Use have been amended or
d, Company irrevocably accepts the new Terms of Use. If Company does not agree
with any amendments, s or supplements, Company’s only remedy is to no longer use
the Service and to terminate the Account. therefore recommends that Company
regularly consults the Terms of Use.
Clause 3 The Service
3.1 exploits Websites under a wide range of top level domain names. The
Websites can be described as online business portals which contain contact-, product-,
company- and service information of companies. The Websites serve as meeting places for
companies active in specific kinds of industries. Companies can use the Websites to promote
their businesses and products and visitors can use the Websites to find Content.
 also offers a market place (members can post their products and post their sell and buy
enquiries on the market place) and a forum.
3.2 Basic registration for the Service of browsing the Websites is free, but job advertisements,
2nd hand machine advertisements, franchise announcements, registration to company
directory and advertisements in banners are chargeable at
3.3 Personal registration for the Service is free, but also offers a company
registration service including the information of the company such as contact information,
products and services, company officials in return for payment of a fee.
3.4 itself does not sell or buy any of the products listed on the Websites.
Clause 4 Account
4.1 In order to use the Service and all options thereof optimally Company has to an
Account as described on the Websites. Company guarantees to that the
information provided when creating the Account is complete, correct and accurate. It is not
allowed to an Account in name of another person or entity. Company has to submit a
User Name and Password by which Company can access the Account.
4.2 All information and data, including the Content, provided by Company during the creation
of the Account will be saved in the Database. Insofar as such includes any personal data of
natural persons, these will be processed in accordance with the Turkish Data Protection Law.
4.3 Company is responsible for keeping its Password confidential. Company is responsible
and liable for all use made of the Service via the combination of Company’s User Name and
Password. will assume that the person signing in with Company’s User Name and
Password is authorized to do so and to act on behalf of Company. As soon as Company
knows or has reason to assume that Company’s User Name and/or Password have come into
the hands of (a) unauthorized person(s), Company must inform of this,
notwithstanding Company’s own obligation to take immediate and effective measures such as
changing its Password.
4.4 reserves the right to change the log-in procedure, Company’s Password and/or
Company’s User Name if regards this necessary in the interest of the (correct)
operation of the Service. User Names will be removed and/or revoked if they constitute an
infringement on any rights of third parties or are otherwise regarded as undesirable by

Clause 5 Use of the Service
5.1 Company is responsible for any activities performed by it on the Websites or via the
Service, including for Content. Notwithstanding the other provisions of these Terms of Use,
any use of the Service by Company, including the Content, shall not:
- be misleading;
- contain any viruses, Trojan horses, worms, bots or other software which might damage,
render useless or inaccessible, or appropriate an automated work or data, or which are
meant to bypass technical protection measures of the Websites and/or the computer systems
- consist of taking a false identity or untruthfully suggest that you are affiliated with;
- contravene these Terms of Use or any applicable legislation or regulations;
- infringe on the rights of or third parties including IP-Rights or privacy related
- be otherwise unlawful in any way whatsoever; or
- harm the interests or good name of
5.2 Any technical facilities required in order to be able to use the Service including, but not
limited to, hardware and the availability of an internet connection as well as the costs of their
use, will be at your own expense.
5.3 It is not allowed to copy (parts of) the Websites, Content and/or Information on third party
5.4 Except as expressly allowed by mandatory law, you may not (i) copy, make available,
sublicense or otherwise commercialize the Service, (ii) , translate or otherwise a
derivative work of the Service within the framework of the Turkish Intellectual Property Law,
or (iii) disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the object code or source code of the
Service or any part thereof.
5.5 may take technological measures to protect the Service and individual parts of
the Service. Company may not remove or circumvent such technological measures.
Clause 6 Content
6.1 Notwithstanding the provisions set out in Clause 5, Company guarantees that it will not
make available and/or transmit any Content via the Service which
1. is discriminating or otherwise offensive;
2. incites to violence and/or harassment of others;
3. leads to or is the consequence of exploitation or abuse of others;
4. which, in the opinion of, is contrary to good morals or good taste, is violent or
which includes (a link to)pornographic or erotic material;
5. includes a request for the personal details of minors and/or which provides the personal
details of others; or
6. involves chain letters, junk mail or spamming and/or asks for passwords or other
information which can be traced back to persons, including by using automated software or
6.2 Company retains all IP-Rights to Content it submits. Company acknowledges and agrees
that by making Content available Company automatically grants to a royalty-free,
unencumbered, world-wide, sub-licensable, non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, circulate
and make public the Content in connection with the Service and to use the Content for
marketing and/or promotional purposes in connection with the Service.

6.3 Company acknowledges and agrees that the Content it makes available to will
be used by third parties such as other companies registered to the Service and visitors of the
Websites. does not accept any liability for compliance with these Terms of Use by
these third parties.

Competent Court
7.1 In the event of any dispute arising out of or will arise out of these "Terms of Use", Ankara
Central Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized.