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    Foreign home buyers boosting Turkeys furniture sector DETAY
    Foreign home buyers ...

    Home sales to foreigners pushed up furniture sales by as much as 20%, says head of industry group Turkey’s furniture sector has been boosted by a surge in home sales to foreigners thanks to the country’s program for getting citizenship through investment, according to sector observers. Home purchases by foreigners have risen sharply since last year, when Turkey eased conditions under the program. Under the changes, foreigners who invest $500,000 in Turkey, deposit $500,000 in Turkish banks, or buy real estate worth $250,000 acquire the right to lifetime citizenship. In the first seven months of 2019, the number of homes purchased by foreigners leaped 64.5% year-on-year to over 24,000, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat). Iraqis, Saudis top customers Nuri Gurcan, head of the Furniture Industry Businessmen Association, said home sales to foreigners pushed up furniture sales by as much as 20%. Iraqi and Saudi nationals -- the top foreign home buyers -- also show great interest in Turkish furniture, he told Anadolu Agency. “Furniture used in Turkish TV series has led to increased demand for Turkish furniture by foreigners," he noted. Turkish TV series, one of the country’s top cultural exports, enjoy popularity in countries worldwide, including the Middle East He said fluctuations in exchange rates have also helped make Turkish furniture a more attractive buy. Turkish furniture exports generated $2 billion in the first half of 2019, and the target for year’s-end is $3.7 billion, he said. Turkish TV shows spurring sales Turgay Terzi, the head of Istanbul-based furniture firm Art Design, said foreigners who acquired Turkish citizenship are behind around some 10% of all furniture sales in Turkey. Demand for Turkish furniture is particularly high in the Middle East, he said, adding that Turkish TV series have helped fuel these sales. Middle Eastern people prefer handcrafted modern furniture, while European customers opt for more basic, everyday designs, he told Anadolu Agency.   01.09.2019

    from Ankara Chamber of Furniture reacts to committee decision. DETAY
    from Ankara Chamber ...

    ANKARA President of the Chamber of Furniture and Lacquerers Hüseyin Taklacı; For the purpose of revitalizing the sites reacted to decision to form committee by Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) and Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO)   Taklacı; ''A meeting  with Sites about should be in the Sites, here we have our place, About Sites, if a meeting will be made, if a decision will be made should be done together." he said.  Taklacı; also reacted to stated that they were not invited to the meeting and criticized the committee's decision; to establish a furniture organized industrial site in the where the Çiğiltepe military lodgings were located.  Stating that they had previously requested that region in 2016, Taklacı said that they had started to work on establishing Elmadağ Furniture Organized Industrial Zone. Saying that they want the military zone in 2016, they said, "We have established Elmadağ Furniture Organized Industrial Site; by reason of failure for to conclude. " he said. That the problems of Sites have not been solved for years stating, Taklacı,  ''we tried to do for years, They didn't support the projects; '' he said. I am; the President of the Chamber of Furniture Manufacturers in Ankara. I cannot give the rights of my members to anyone. Each room will do its job. ATO, ASO and we are affiliated to the Ministry of Customs Trade. we find it wrong to hold the meeting without inviting the main person concerned.

    15 thousand of our 40 thousand furniture producing companies are exporting DETAY
    15 thousand of our ...

    Furniture Associations Federation (MOSFED) Chairman Ahmet Gulec, said in turkey 15 thousand of our 40 thousand furniture producing companies are exporting Ahmet Gulec came to Kayseri for various visits, Kayseri Furniture Industrialists Association (KAYMOS) said in a statement, the furniture industry has achieved significant success in the last 20 years, he said. Gulec, 2023'te said they aim to get 1.5 percent share of world trade. Güleç said that Turkish furniture was exported to all parts of the world and said: "Furniture export rankings 20 years ago 23rd were in order. We have increased the last 17 years, made a swift as the world furniture export ranking of 12th. 179 countries in a stable manner in our industry that sells goods taking a share of world trade every year. We can produce furniture anywhere in Turkey. We export 15 thousand of our 40 thousand furniture producing companies. Our target is to be among the top five exporting countries of the world with 10 billion dollars export in 2023. " Gulec, Turkish Furniture Manufacturers has grown to date by turning to export, business will continue to grow with the cooperation, he added.

    The XXIXTH International Conference Research for Furniture Industry  to do on Ankara in 19-20 September 2019. DETAY
    The XXIXTH ...

    The XXIXTH International Conference Research for Furniture Industry to do in 19-20 September 2019 The will take place in the Gazi University Technology Faculty .  The aim of the conference is to enable academics, industry representatives and students to share their experiences/knowledge in the field of engineering, machinery, manufacturing, management, material science, restoration and protection and upholstery in order to meet the increasing consumer demands by diversifying; user-oriented, efficient use of natural resources, environmentally friendly approach, CAD/CAM/CAE, construction, design management, eco design, ergonomics and anthropometrics, furniture industry, furniture mechanics and so on.  Up to the XXVIth annual conferences were held in Poland. The XXVIIth Conference organized at Gazi University in Ankara with the participation of valuable scientists from 12 different countries in 2015. The XXVIIIth Conference organized in Poland. The XXIXth International Conference Research for Furniture Industry focuses on rapid changes in design, production and marketing strategies in the Furniture Industry. This event will bring together in all industrial sectors, parallel to the developing and changing the world. All submitted papers will be peer reviewed by two authorized reviewers. The accepted papers in conference will be published in proceedings book. Conference papers will be published immediately after the conference at conference website. 

    As the first and the only fair in its field in Turkey, SLEEP WELL EXPO this year for the third time It will open on 25-28 September 2019 DETAY
    As the first and ...

    As the first and the only fair in its field in Turkey, SLEEP WELL EXPO this year for the third time It will open on 25-28 September 2019 To be held on September 25-28, 2019, the fair was introduced in 2014 and the premiere edition was welcomed very well by the industry. 1st edition hosted 51 domestic and 8 foreign exhibitors totaling 59 exhibitors and welcomed 5,171 professionals. 2nd edition hosted 79 domestic and 22 foreign exhibitors totaling 101 exhibitors and welcomed 1538 visitors representing almost 100% growth in only its second edition. As the first and the only fair in its field in Turkey, SLEEP WELL EXPO is a show bringing mattress main industry, sub-industry, machinery and components industry professionals together. The fair is an excellent platform to launch and to see the latest technologies, innovative products and latest collections As the first and the only fair in its field in Turkey, SLEEP WELL EXPO this year for the third time It will open on 25-28 September 2019

    A committee will be established to revive Siteler. DETAY
    A committee will be ...

    A committee will be established to revive Siteler. It was decided to establish a committee by Ankara's Chamber of Commerce(ATO) and Ankara's Industrial Chamber(ASO) to revive Siteler which is one of the important centers of furniture production.Emrullah İşler,Deputy of Ankara from Ak Party,offered a solution to ASO and ATO who work to re-activate Siteler. ATO and ASO decided to a committee together about to work for Siteler. The meeting of ATO and ASO Furniture Committees was held at ASO. RECOMMENDATION OF MAMAK COMBAT SCHOOL Nurettin Özdebir, the President of ASO, who said that Ankara lost blood in this area because Siteler could not experience the change required by the era, pointed out that there are other places to move businesses in Siteler but no one has gone.He said  “because the market is here,we need to look for the solution in this region.” As far as I know, Mamak Combat School is being evacuated. There is also a free space between the school and Siteler. If a part of this region is given and we set up new Siteler here, we would have done a good service to Ankara. There may be exhibition halls within the structures to be built in the old area as well. Özdebir said that when Elmadağ Furniture Specialized Organized industrial Zone is built, some companies who want to grow there, may also evaluate to this area., IF LEFT AS IT IS,IT DISAPPEARS Baran who pointed out that the human factor should be considered when looking for solutions in Siteler, cited the example of the Hamamonu project signed by Veysel Tiryaki, the Mayor of Altındağ.He said  “ If two thousand people are brought together and the of heart is formed, ıt can come a long way.” Either you need to receive their approval and set to work or you need to take risks as President Veysel.If left as it is,it disappears. Baran stated that Özdebir’s proposal on the field of Mamak Combat School can be evaluated and if compromise is reached, it can be worked together with TOKİ. SITELER WILL VANISH Isler who emphasıse that Siteler will vanish completely if the change is not achieved, said that ATO and ASO have a great responsibility in this regard. As a committee, we need to consider how to revive Siteler with all its natives and present it to our President. No one take on responsibility  where there are 2722 structures.He said that we need to work hardly,Otherwise Siteler will vanish   -  

    Every year more than 15 million people are shopping furniture  online. DETAY
    Every year more ...

    The generation who says “ I don’t buy without looking” is diseppearing. More than 15 million people are shopping  per annum furniture  online. This accelaration  d by the digital transformation in the furniture sector is expected to continue to increase in the world. The furniture sector, like all sectors, is rapidly digitalised. The generation who says “ I don’t buy without looking and measuring  is giving place to generation that shops furniture from smart phones. Trend Mobilya who analyze  report the role of digital in the purchase of furniture prepared by Google evaluated digitalizing consumer behavior in the furniture sector. Searchs for product groups such as shopping list for home decorations increased over 150 percent in the last 2 years. The volume of searches for consumers like what should be bought for the bedroom, what should buy for the specific products has increased by more than %50 in the last 2 years. İn %49 of internet searches for furniture shopping  do not have a brand name. The rate of unbranded furniture buyed over the internet has reached %50. Online consumer is being persuaded more easy. The same day furniture purchase rate is %53. Trend Mobilya's data examining new generation consumer behavior  shows that consumers who make furniture shopping online make a decision to buy faster than the shoppers who buy from the store. Online furniture shopping, which is the reason for preference, users search for an average of 14.2 times not only with the convenience of product purchase, but also with detailed research facilities such as price comparison, brand search and viewing consumer experiences. %63 of these internet searchs bear fruit within a week and the number of consumers who make decision on the same day reached %53.      

    KAYMOSs new service building put into service with a ceremony. DETAY
    KAYMOSs new service ...

    KAYMOS's new service building put into service with a ceremony. Service building of Association of Kayseri Furniture Industrialists put into service with a ceremony.Mehmet Yalçın,Chairman of the Board gave a speech at the opening of the building located in the directorate of Kayseri organized industrial zone.He said that his goal is to realize the biggest fair in Anatolia and added "Kaymos is now in its fifth year.We became a huge family with 190 members.I would like to thank the management of the organized industrial zone and Tahir, Chairman of OSB, for the allocation of such a facility. Kaymos, which is the unification point of sellers of furniture and industrialists since its establishment, serves our city and our sector more powerfully in a spirit of unity and solidarity.Our aim is to be together and act as one heart.We are aware by this means that no obstacle will stop us for our country, our city and our sector. Last night we had a consultation meeting to make an exhibition worthy of the capital of furniture Kayseri.With the support of our chamber of industry, chamber of commerce, organized industrial zone and Mayors,in collaboration with TÜYAP-KAYMOS  We have desire to do the furniture fair which will be held between 9-13 October in the new fair area where the construction is completed.This fair is aimed to be the biggest fair in Anatolia.With the opening of Kums Avm Factory, Europe's and Turkey's largest furniture shopping center,will become more powerful to our city and our sector.Opening the shopping center Kums Factory will make our city a center of attraction in furniture.Of course, delivering products on time is more important than everything.Our most important goal is to work with all our strength to achieve the target of our country's 2023 ,export target of 10 billion.To solve many of the problems that need to be done on behalf of the sector,we prepared many activities to get training from experts and institutions.With the opening of our association,we have started to work with all our strength in unity to transform Kaymos into a solution center.After Mehmet Büyüksimitci's,Chairman of the Executive Board of Kayseri Chamber of Industry,Ömer Gülsoy's,Chairman of the Executive Board of Kayseri Chamber of Commerce, and Mustafa Palancioğlu's speech,Mayor of Melikgazi, Service building opened with prayer. April 25, 2019   Thursday

    When Yıldız Sunta closed, 645 people lost their jobs. DETAY
    When Yıldız Sunta ...

    Yıldız Sunta,founded in Kocaeli in 1988 and listed on ISO's 500 largest companies list of Turkey's 253. largest companies,finished production,645 workers became unemployed without receiving their salaries.Turkey's 253 largest firms, Yıldız Sunta finished the production the day before yesterday. The company, which has been producing for 21 years in Kartepe ,district of Kocaeli , has been affected by the economic crisis last year and In the factory approximately 400 blue-collar, 135 white-collar and 110 contractor was working.The factory management, who had a large meeting the day before,pronounce that they had closed the company.About 645 workers became unemployed after this announcement. ATTEMPTS DİD NOT WORK Representatives of employers who talk about workers who have not been able to receive salaries for month said that they would give all the money from the suppliers to the workers.To overcome the economic problems of the factory,chairman of the Türk-iş business confederation Ergün Atalay and Kocaeli deputy and former vice president Fikri Işık get involved after the local elections on March 31 but Contacts in Ankara did not work well.

    Billet bed was produced and sold for automobile price. DETAY
    Billet bed was ...

    A furniture company from İnegöl is inspired by the "billet houses" and designed beds made of 14 or 20 centimeters diameter round pine logs, exhibited for the first time in Bursa Furniture and Decoration Fair attracted visitors from the visitors. A special design product, which the company has patented, was sold to Oman for 35 thousand liras. Turkey's most important, one of the furniture production centers and operating in Inegol Furnily furniture firm chairman Ahmet Akay mentioned that they have produced economic bedroom sets since 1988, but also said that they haven’t seen interest at the level they want, yet. In order to give weight to the design, even taking the risk of stopping production for a while voicing Akay, "At least 7 months I stopped all production, I stopped everything. I said, “We have to do something pleasing to the eye.” I saw the log houses while browsing the Internet. While thinking, “How do we use the design of log houses?”and 'Why not do this on the base?' I said. Bed base is also a product of furniture. After that moment, I have always thought about new designs. I've worked for about 6 months to do this, "he said. "Patent also belongs to us" Akay, who first exhibited the billet beds at the Furniture and Decoration Fair in Bursa, said that he sent an e-mail to the consultant and secretary of the Minister of Public Works of Oman, whom he had met before, about a special design consisting of 20 centimeters diameter logs. Receiving a positive feedback from Oman Akay said; "I’ve just showed my product, sent an e-mail and he said 'Why not.' He was really attracted and told me that they give us the patent. Akay also mention that according to the size and size of the used pine billets 25-35 thousand liras would be the bed prices but in order to reach more people, the range of the price has been lowered to 10 thousand to 15 thousand liras. Ahmet Akay added the length of the billet beds is 2.1 meters, the width of 1.6 meters. However, according to the demand they can enlarge the size up to 2.5 meters.

    Double record in furniture and wood products exports DETAY
    Double record in ...

    In the 11 months of 2018, exports of furniture and wood and forest products, including the product group of 2 billion 800 million dollars, were recorded with exports of $ 4 billion 530 million. Istanbul Furniture, Paper and Forest Products Exporters' Association President Ahmet Güleç said to the AA correspondent that developed countries do the production of high-quality furniture. Furniture Industrialists and Businessmen's Association Federation (MOSFED) President Güleç mentioned that in Turkey furniture sector has effects both on increasing the exportation and the unemployment and Turkish furniture is used in 177 countries of the world. Güleç emphasized that exports in the furniture sector did not slow down and continued to increase. He said; “This year, only in 11 months, we have done more exports than the last year’s total. The furniture industry exported 2 billion 700 million dollars last year. In the 11 months of this year, this figure increased to 2 billion 800 million dollars. When we look at the export of furniture, wood and forest products, we made exports of 4 billion 530 million dollars in 11 months of this year. Last year this figure was around 4 billion dollars. So, before the end of this year we have broken the export record of all time both in furniture and forest and wood products exportation. As of the end of the year, we will see a sector that exceeds 5 billion dollars in furniture, forest and wood products and 3 billion dollars in furniture sector.  

    İnegöl Furniture Manufacturers in India DETAY
    İnegöl Furniture ...

    The second of the IIFF India Furniture Fair organized by İnegöl Furniture Manufacturers Association started with the opening ceremony held in Mumbai. Founded on an area of ​​7500 square meters, 45 companies from İnegöl took part in 3500 square meters. The President of IMOS, Mr. Okan Güler, made a statement on the subject and mentioned that India is a target market for them and said: “Our work in India, which we started by bringing the procurement committee 3 years ago, has now become a fair that we made the second one. Our fair attracts great attention both by the local producers and the furniture manufacturers operating in other cities as well as by the Indian furniture makers. India is a necessary market for the Turkish furniture industry for İnegöl. But as in every market, India needs continuity. We will continue to insist on our insistence as an institution India furniture imports will try to get more share.” President Okan Güler stated that they continue their target market activities as IMOS "As you know, we participated in trade fairs both in South Korea and India this year, we realized bilateral business negotiations in South Africa and England. We would like to attend a fair in South Africa next year. In order to diversify the furniture exports of Inegol, such organizations need to increase. Some of our companies succeed in India, while others may be successful in South Africa. For this reason, we have to increase the diversity and an native to the Middle East-North Africa markets, "he said. Okan Güler, who thanked all participants who supported the project by participating in the fair said, “We also thank the President of the Chamber of Commerce Yavuz Uğurdağ who initiated these works and also the President of the Turkish Chamber of Commerce, Mahmut Demirtaş.”

    The trade at furniture fair surpassed 1 billion dollars DETAY
    The trade at ...

    The trade at furniture fair surpassed 1 billion dollars All leading furniture manufacturers in the export sector in Turkey met in CNR Expo Yeşilköy between 6-11 November. With the interest of foreign visitors and VIP reception committees with visitors from 85 countries, the fair's business volume exceeded $ 1 billion. Furniture Istanbul was held in Yeşilköy/İstanbul and gathered Turkey’s leading furniture brands under the same roof betwwen the dates 6-11 November 2018. Positive Fair and Turkey Furniture Manufacturers Association of CNR Holding (MOSDER) the fair organized in cooperation with the leader of the furniture market countries, Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as the industry's target markets are Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates' visitors from 85 countries, including VIP, and VIP reception delegations were hosted. Particularly the intensity of foreign buyers drew attention in the fair that 75 percent of Turkey's furniture sector was represented by 350 different firms.   In order to increase the foreign trade power of the Turkish furniture industry, two separate purchasing committees were organized. The first one was the Ministry of Trade's International Competitiveness Development (R&D) project. Within the scope of R&D project, VIP purchasing committees came from 13 countries including Ethiopia, Bosnia Herzigova, Morocco, Russia, Libya, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Ukraine and Bahrain. The delegations from 15 countries came from the Hosted Buyer Reception Committee organized by CNR Holding, the organization's second purchasing committee organization.   Unprecedented platform for 10 billion dollar target   In order to back up the exportation and trading volume of the furniture sector, CNR Holding Chairman Ceyda Erem mention that they believe that “Buying Committees B2B Matching Program” made too much contribution to the development of the exportation. Furniture Istanbul in which the participation of brands that add value to the sector will be an indispensable platform for the sector targeting export in 2023 with 10 billion dollars. She continued; “This year, we hosted 74 thousand 358 visitors in the exhibition area of ​​80 thousand square meters. The fair reached an increase of 80% in the number of foreign buyers and reached 5 thousand 906. This figure is a significant increase for the future of the fair. In the furniture sector, quality, branding and design have come to the forefront in the recent years when the outward opening gained momentum. Furniture Istanbul was a very important fair in terms of design. With this fair, we aimed to show the success of Turkish furniture to the world. The feedback we received from both the participants and the visitors showed that we were successful in this regard.”    

    Wooden Sinks! DETAY
    Wooden Sinks!

    Hüseyin Canbaz, a graduate of Boğaziçi University, produces decorative washbasins and toys from wood. Hüseyin Canbaz, a graduate of Boğaziçi University, transforms the machines produced by his father into CNC wood and l lathe machines with the support of software and computers in Tavşanlı district of Kütahya. After graduating from the Department of Physics at Boğaziçi University Faculty of Science and Literature, he started his master degree at Dumlupınar University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Hüseyin Canbaz, left his education here and started to work in the workshop of his father Mustafa Canbaz who produces mining and pellet machines in Tavşanlı Small Industrial Site. Canbaz transforms the machines produced by his father into CNC wood and l lathe machines with the support of software and computers. Canbaz's decorative washbasins and toys made of wood from beech, walnut, fir and pine attract a great attention. At the interview that Hüseyin Canbaz gave to the AA correspondent; he said that after the software work he did, they sell their production on CNC wood and l lathe machines that they did with his father. Canbaz explained that they had entered the woodworking business with these machines and that they had a long R & D process, and then realized that they made the production of toys by making toys for the children around them. ‘Different products began to appear’ Canbaz mentions that working with wood is a very attractive and pleasing occupation and added; “We didn’t know the wood and we started by asking to the elder masters. We learned the directions and every dimensions of the wood. Then, we started to make researches on foreign resources, we studied on foreign articles and I discovered different techniques. We learned rare techniques that are not frequently applied in Turkey and we thought that these techniques should be in Turkey. Next, we gradually started to apply these techniques. We have focused on increasing the durability of the wood without harming its visual quality. After that we have seen that divergent products started to appear. “ ‘Combining the elegancy of the wood with kitchen and bathroom benches’ Canbaz, who has made the toy of many things from cars to various animals, said that they produced educational toys for children of 1-3 age group, then they started to produce toys for developing intelligence about numbers for 3-5 age group. Canbaz beside workplaces and dining tables also states that they produce wooden kitchen stalls and sinks. They do water-resistant products after processing wood to cover a special technique. Hüseyin Canbaz also mentioned that wooden sink is common abroad but hardly known in Turkey. He also added: I made my first sink for my mother. Our R & D activities are continuing. We're multiplying our models. I think that Turkish people will also use these wooden sinks as well as foreign people. Now, we have 5 models available. We still develop and increase our catalogue.  Canbaz also indicated that the prices for wooden sinks start from 1200 Turkish Liras up to 2000 Turkish Liras. He adds; “The older the wood, the higher the cost. No other problem occurs during the montage process. The montage of the wooden sinks are same as the regular ones.” 

    SMEs will be given loans up to 1 million Turkish Liras DETAY
    SMEs will be given ...

    In order to overcome the shortage of cash financing of the SMEs in the manufacturing, export and service sectors, SME Value Crew Package is prepared by the government was launched. Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak explained the details of the package and 13 banks supported by the package, the annual turnover of 25 million TL will be used under all conditions in favor of all enterprises. With this package, maximum 1 million TL will be given to enterprises in manufacturing and export sector and 500 thousand TL will be given to other trade and service sector companies. According to the SME Value Loan Package, a total of 36 months maturity with 6 months principal grace period will be given with 1.54 interest rates per month.