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Orpak Furniture Inc. - / | FURNTR
Company Name Orpak Furniture Inc.
Central Country Turkey
City Izmir
Foundation Year 1983
Telephone 902328642250
Category Table- Chair Manufacturing,Bed Manufacturings,Teenager Groups (furniture),
Number Of Workers 0



Caploonba is an brand ORPAK A.Ş. .

Orpak Furniture Inc. It started its activities in Izmir in 1983 and managed to become a growing brand in its sector by producing innovative furniture in a short time. It produces furniture in many fields from personal use to industrial use and exports its productions to more than 20 countries both at home and abroad. Orpak Furniture started its infrastructure and R&D process in 2002 and established the Caploonba brand in 2004 with the aim of creating an "expert brand" that produces for babies, children and young people.
Caploonb the 0-24 age range "Baby, Children & Youth Room" is established with the aim of producing one of Turkey's first professional brand.
The Expert of Furniture
You can rely on our expertise ...

Caploonba , Orpak Furniture Inc.'s was founded with 35 years of operating with all the knowledge. Experienced  and owning domestic capital, is Turkey's specialist brands. Today, all of its production is established on 40 decares of land in Izmir and located in a 25,000 square meter closed area; It realizes with fully automatic machine tracks.
Reliable Brand
Child health is important here ..

Caploonba, which makes production by prioritizing child health and safety, has many quality certificates besides advanced technology investments. In addition to producing all of its products with materials in accordance with E1 Standards, it has developed its production standards with many quality certificates. All activities from material ion to production stage are carried out meticulously.
Growing Brand
Actually we are very close ..

Caploonba to 150 sales points in Turkey and abroad who have gone to grow with concept stores in 20 countries; In this direction, it has enriched its machine park with technological investments and further improved its designs.
We care about you ...

Caploonba manufactures its furniture in line with the experiences of real users of different age groups in accordance with high safety standards. It carries out its works with the mission of designing living spaces rather than furniture.

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