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Birlik Construction Furniture Decoration Tourism Industry and Trade Limited Company - / | FURNTR
Company Name Birlik Construction Furniture Decoration Tourism Industry and Trade Limited Company
Central Country Turkey
City Istanbul
Foundation Year 1959
Telephone 902127361865
Category Modular Furniture,Bed Manufacturings,Bedroom Furniture,Dining Room Furniture,Teenager Groups (furniture),
Number Of Workers 0



Turkey's first modular furniture manufacturer TELESET; has been working for over 50 years to improve the quality of life and contribute to the happiness of its customers.

TELESET, inspired by life to make each house a unique world away from the cliches and brings life to its designs, offers comfortable and functional living spaces by producing projects that meet the furniture needs of modern life.

TELESET, which has been continuing its production in its modern facilities in Silivri since 2000, produces designs that make life easier by producing healthy, ergonomic and high quality furniture. TELESET, adopting the vision of being one of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to home furniture with its modern, cool and urban image, believed in change in order to capture the spirit of time and renewed its production line, factory and showroom by making new investments to be the pioneer of change.

TELESET, renewing its product range with its special collection prepared every year, is the first choice of those who like to live in modern and minimalist lines, as well as attracting attention with its unique and timeless designs. understands very well the needs of consumers TELESET them the most appropriate solutions stands precisely on the nearest as well as customer satisfaction to take care of delivering on the ground and after-sales support, and service of all special service agreements in Turkey.

With the awareness that every house is a unique world, TELESET continues to work to bring elegance and elegance to all houses.

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