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TEKNOMAK Furniture Machines Cutting Tools Industry Trade Ltd. Co. - / | FURNTR
Company Name TEKNOMAK Furniture Machines Cutting Tools Industry Trade Ltd. Co.
Central Country Turkey
City Istanbul
Foundation Year 2002
Telephone 902166614021
Category Woodworking Machine Manufacturing,
Number Of Workers 0



In 2002, the sector is positive progress, but we saw that there was a deficiency in service quality. Filling this gap, furniture, machine tools, cutting tools, spare parts and technical services for the creation of native and we believe in the necessity of bringing diversity. about the force that we have received from you, we put together for the purpose to provide more services than expected sustained our experienced staff and our place in the sector by increasing our efforts towards this goal, we continued to move to the top position. With this in mind to TECHNO acting family, new and second-hand furniture manufacturing machinery imports, spare parts and technical services, the industry in all kinds of cutting tools world-leading company of the brand and makes the import to the agency continues to add new ones. From the largest to the smallest; offering solutions until the last tech professional line and engineering point of view to TECHNO who works with the angle, thanks to our valued customers are increasing their reference from day to day support it received from the portfolio by working with world leaders and to expand the dealer network, it is a wider range. requirements for processing a furniture and wood which is to TECHNO makes all kinds of machines and cutting tools imports, cutting tools globally recognized AKE sector, CMT, IMS, SCHIAVON, TIGRE, WOOD-MIZER and leader of the Italian SCM GROUP sector 'CELASH the flour brands of the CPC, DMC GABBIANI, MORBIDELLI, MAHROS , MINIMAX, ROUTECH, SERGIANI, SCMTECH, STEFANI, SERGIANI, SUPERFICI, representing companies such as ROUTECH, sales and after-sales service quality with a complete manner the customer to partner making continues to be the leader if the sector. our valuable customers, our biggest supporters surely our progress towards our goals, thanks to our friends forever, friendly and customer focused our efforts will continue to increase at a time, thanks to you we are honored to announce it here.

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