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MARTI School Furniture Industry and Trade Limited Company - / | FURNTR
Company Name MARTI School Furniture Industry and Trade Limited Company
Central Country Turkey
City Istanbul
Foundation Year 1964
Telephone 902164676464
Category Educational Furniture,
Number Of Workers 0




We, as the Martı family, are not selling only furniture we are selling quality.

The actuality of our school furniture in our wide product range comes from the greatness that increases the universal knowledge and the auto harmony of the greatness itself. We serve you with the furniture that helps to maintain wholistic and flexible interior designs and furniture that increases performance. Our organization has become one of the entrepreneurs in the sector of educational tools with its high quality perception, student safety standards and modern production facilities.

We follow the industry of the school furniture which constantly changes. Our products are characterized with high functionality and the extraordinary quality. For this reason the Martı school furniture is a wanted brand in the schools and universities worldwide.


As Martı, we have shared our technology and quality with a lot of countries successfully. With The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwaiti, Jordan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and Greece being in the first places, thousands of students continues their education with Martı school furniture.


We know the fact that makes Martı, which continues its activities In Turkey and in the world, the school furniture sector, distinctive is to present quality services and to obtain the satisfaction of the educators.

We turn our customers' places to its most modern and its most esthetical shape by getting the highest technology in the sector of school furnitures in Turkey and World in the sectors that we activate in.


We know the importance and the sanctity of the task we undertook and we are proud to serve you in such a supreme sector.



Our products are produced as ergonomic as to maintain the maximum concentration with the the principle of "Concentration Density". It includes the qualities that will maintain that the student's feet meet the floor, to make them see the blackboard easily, to stand up easily, to have the appropriate system to be adjusted accordingly to the student's height and the characteristics that maintains easily getting in and getting out.


With the curve in its backrest it supports the chine from left and right it preserves the backbone and avoids you from stress and fatigue. It is one of the rules of our health conscious company beside from the ergonomic and orthopedic sensibilities, to use the anti carcinogenic paint.


Our products are orthopedical, flexible in the way that does not disturb in long sittings, ergonomic, sensitive in the way that is cool in summers and hot in winters, painted with anti carcinogenic paints, durable and has no defect probability.


We serve in quality of world standards to our country and worldwide with our dynamic and experienced staff in education sector.


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