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EMAKS Furniture Accessories Lmited CO - / | FURNTR
Company Name EMAKS Furniture Accessories Lmited CO
Central Country Turkey
Foundation Year 1999
Telephone 902126713077
Category Accessories Manufacturers,
Number Of Workers 0




‘’ EMAKS Furniture Accessories Lmited CO..’’was established in 1999 and has been serving the furniture sector successfully for 20 year.

EMAKS, with its highly experienced senior management group, well-organized, qualified production poweri talented design group, and a wide team of dedicated and skilled sales team, has always aimed to be solution-oriented and to be the first choice of all business, ensure the strides.


Mainly the contibution brought by an extensive distribution network spread over 50 countries, to Turkey’s leading companies, which is able to offer special products to furniture companies and who do this studiosly and always solution-oriented Works, has a great share in the success of EMAKS with customer satisfaction.


‘’ To add value furniture with innovative and extraordinary design by using all the oppertunities provided by technogy and craftsmanship in accordance with its purpose.’’


‘’EMAKS making continuons trials to achieve teh perfect result between functionality and aesthetics, it makes unique designs EMAKS is dedicated as a goal like it has assumed the responsibility of ensuring reasonable prices and conditions, large and dynamic, with a range of internationla standards, timely, unconditional in the domestic market and across the globe, all furniture manufacturers and furniture accesories distibutors. With surface coating applications, in terms of color harmony and divirsity, which can offer customer-specific solutions and has an infrastructure capable of responding to every need.


Product quality, design-oriented work, the use of the latest modern Technologies, integrated production facalities, production process and product functionality, R&D and P&D studies, continuous education and environmental aqareness reflect EMAKS ‘quality understanding.

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